4 Reasons Why Sex is Absolutely Vital to Hold a Marriage Together

To view sex as only a way to reproduce would be a massive mistake and, believe it or not, a lot of people still make that mistake. As human beings, the importance of lovemaking extends beyond just procreation and physical needs because it has a tremendous impact on our personal lives and may often map out the future course of our relationships. On that note, here are four reasons why a healthy sex life is absolutely vital for holding a marriage together.

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Carnal Needs

If the concerned person is a physically and mentally healthy individual, he/she will have undeniable sexual needs, and unless those needs are met by his/her partner and vice-versa, it would be impossible for the couple to be truly happy. While there are definitely a lot of other activities that you two can and should do together, it’s those sexual acts that you engage in as a couple that makes you two a couple and not just great friends. Ignoring your own sexual needs or those of your partner is one of the most common reasons as to why people drift apart in a marriage.


There’s more to connecting with sex than just the literal aspect of it! The main reason as to why cheating is considered to be one of the worst things that a husband or a wife can do to their partner is because it breaks that intimate psychological connection and trust which they had built over the years through many acts, with the most important one of those acts being the lovemaking. Therefore, even when both of you are perfectly loyal, it is necessary to maintain that intimate bond that you have as a couple both physically and emotionally through sex, so that there is no gap in between the two of you which someone else can slip into.

Stress Busting

It is true that there are certainly other ways to bust stress as a couple, but nothing brings couples closer together and busts stress at the same time, better than sex. We all think and behave through the principles of association, so, if both of you can associate a sense of enjoyment and relaxation with each other, the marriage is a lot more likely to hold together.

Better Understanding

People are squeamish about their sexual needs, fetishes, and desires, so those desires often stay unfulfilled in a marriage, and that leads to sexual dissatisfaction. To eliminate boredom and create a situation where both of you can express yourselves, liven things up a bit with things such as fun sex toys for couples, a few new positions, and maybe even some roleplay. The freer a husband/wife feels he/she can be towards communicating intimate sexual desires to their partner, the more communication will improve between them. Improved communication leads to better understanding and, as a result of all that, the marriage tends to flow a lot better and be happier.

In this age of globalization where we are constantly influenced by thought processes from a thousand different sources every day, it is easy to lose sight of the basics. Lovemaking was, is, and always will be a staple need for a successful marriage and, deep inside, we all know it.