5 Reasons Why Being Nice Is More Important Than Being Sexy

Everyone is different and is, therefore, attracted to people due to different characteristics. Some care only about beauty whereas others tend to choose a second half based on their inner world.

It is believed that relationships with a nice and caring individual will take you much further than relationships where beauty is at the first place.

Moreover, it absolutely doesn’t matter whether you are dating at the age of 20 or it is mature date free and single over 40 at an online website. Sexy body and good looks simply can’t guarantee something more than a sexual intercourse. That’s the main reason why a great number of people are looking for something real instead of an empty sex appeal.

Nice or sexy?

  1. All the secrets are disclosed – tons of make-up, push-up bras, Spanx, and many other girlish secrets will sooner or later come off. When uploading pictures, the majority of women are improving them with multiple filters and Photoshop, trying to make all details perfect. But when you meet this person in real life, it is impossible to recognize her. Under no circumstances, will this fake stuff ever help you. Whereas your character, amusing personality, manners, and morals are the key to success.
  2. The more you date, the more you like – needless to say that the majority of us are not Victoria Secret models or professional soccer players, are we? That’s why the more time you spend with a person, the more you get to know them, and, consequently, start liking them without paying attention to physical characteristics. After all, they can always be improved.
  3. Being nice means being sexy – in accordance with the study, men are extremely attracted to women who are supportive, understanding, intelligent, and sympathetic. For men, these particular traits in a woman are the most sexually appealing.
  4. Being nice and kind is a potential success – people who are compassionate are more likely to succeed not only at work but in personal life too as everyone needs support and understanding which are impossible to get from a beautiful “doll”.
  5. No stress – the most integral part about dating is communication. But what can one talk about with a beautiful but not a smart girl? If she is not a good conversationalist, then you will simply get bored and all her beauty will fade away instead of saving the situation.

A lot of people pay attention to the looks when meeting a person for the first time. However, in the long run being nice means way more than being sexy for the relationship to be successful.