7 Ways to Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship

Montreal is one of the most romantic cities in the world and is a wonderful spot for couples. If you happen to visit the city or if you live here, there are a few things that you can do with your partner. You can enjoy a moonlight trek up to top of Mount Royal, cruise along the St. Lawrence River, spend the night in an ice hotel, indulge in a spa treatment, or get  relaxing massages in Montreal.

Whatever you do, the important thing is that you enjoy every moment with your significant other. If you feel like your realtionshio needs a boost- or the love is there, but the intimacy is gone. Don’t give up just yet. There are ways to bring back the intimacy and get the fire burning again in your relationship.

  1. Remember the time when you first met and the first few dates that followed after.

Most relationships start off with a lot of intimacy and passion. Reminisce those times together. Remind each other how you felt during those special times and try to revive those feelings.

  1. Express your love for each other.

Sometimes, you have to go back to basics. Three simple words may be all it takes to remind you both what you love best about one another.

  1. Kiss more often.

A kiss is a great way of showing how much you love your partner. You should continue to hug, cuddle, and kiss, whenever you have the chance and no matter how busy you are. And make sure that when you kiss, kiss deeply and passionately.

  1. Add some mystery to the relationship.

This does not mean keeping secrets from one another. Mystery means adding elements of surprise into the relationship and making an effort to be seductive and exciting in the process. Avoid being too predictable as it can get really boring fast.

  1. Appreciate the little things that often go unnoticed.

When you compliment your partner, it makes him or her feel special. It also creates a feeling of being wanted. Intimacy does not always need to start big. You can start with the small things and then work your way from there.

  1. Flirt with your partner.

Even if you have been together for many years already, do not stop flirting with your partner. Tell him how good he looks or tell her how her dress suits her body perfectly. Be spontaneous and maybe tease a little.

  1. Connect with each other emotionally and physically as well.

Physical intimacy is important in a romantic relationship so always find time to connect. Do not let it die because once there is no more physical connection, there will also be less affection.