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Starting a new life together with your partner is not an easy decision. You can not be arbitrary to establish a household. And you should know is just relying on feelings of love will not be able to make your marriage life is fine. Despite the abundant love that you give, you will ensure that your relationship can survive forever.


Aside from his attitude that makes sure to swing to a wedding, there is one most important thing you’ve designed from now. Equalizing goal ahead. Not only you, but he also had to agree to take hold of you woke up this commitment. Because in fact, after marrying the feelings of love between the two of you will be the number to so many. The initial purpose of marriage which will become the number one determinant of how the next life.

You and she know that later you are not individuals anymore, but has become the couple that should be complementary When married, you would not be the individual who stands alone again. You are a companion of his life, and vice versa. This awareness should have been can you understand before you step up to a higher level.

You and he should have understood, that later after getting married, you’ve got new responsibilities as a husband and a wife who protects who always supported. You are united to complement each other and not to develop egos masing.Because marry is not just a matter of days, you and he should be there the same goals in order to have a handle when the relationship is being tested.

Unlike the current relationship, marriage is a relationship without a time frame. Just because bored, you can not just leave him and go away. When binding promise lively semati, you should understand that there is no relationship that is not tested. The longer the relationship goes of course the higher the level of your examinations and him. And this is where the original purpose of your role. Have the same goal to hold onto the course will make you strengthen one another during a thunderstorm .  that you wake up with it not just the desire to live together, but want to carry around your relationship afterwards

Married just because they want to live together legally? That understanding will not make your relationship can last as long as you want. The purpose of a wedding is not just up in the aisle alone. Precisely life after that you have to agree upon partner.

About family, career, education, and even about the child, you must agree upon. You may only continue as long as your spouse agrees career and your duty as a housewife is not ignorant. The agreements about the future as that’s what you have to equate perceptions with your partner. So that later there was no drama happened after a sacred promise already you speak. You are aware that much difference between the two of you, your nature is against it only can be united with the same initial purpose

One of the reasons why a vision or a common goal in the beginning is much more important for the continuity of relationship is due to the difference. You and he certainly came from a couple who did not know each other. Much difference between you and him that you begin to understand one by one.

And after getting married later, when it makes a difference in the distance between you and him, that’s what the original purpose back unite him. The reason you decided to get married that would be your hand and him to understand and retain relationships. Understands that the desire of individuals no longer apply when you’ve decided to get married. You can not go around without first talk

The initial goal that you wake up from now will be a reminder when you or your partner are out of control. When the desire of individuals began to dominate, then this goal will help to remind you that this relationship is about you, not just you or just him.

You can not go around acting like what you want without first being discussed. Because each what you do later will affect both of you, not just you alone. Equalizing goal means no personal interest put forward between you two

Objective that you wake it also affects the selfishness yourself. Through goals you both agree, then there is no longer vested interests that always you forward of other things. Although it can not be denied that there is time to “I” was an up and want to master. Destinations along these have happened to finally change the “I” to “we”. Hence, the relationship will continue to be able to walk with no one feels left one step behind.

Is the partner who now can you invite to compromise on a commitment that will be the foundation for you to settle down later? If you have, the more you are able to solidify. And if not, at least take the time to fight. Because there is no process that would betray results