The healing virtues of the tantric massage for body, soul and mind

The tantra massage is one of the best forms of massages known. Together with the erotic massage, the tantra massage offers one of the biggest multitudes of benefits one can get by a massage. These two types of massages help increase a lot of qualities in the human being and make the man feel he is growing – in a spiritual meaning.

All types of massages share some certain beneficial aspects
All types of massage have in common some certain aspects and make you gain some specific issues. All have in common the pleasure of relaxation and the state of welfare coming from different ways. In some massages, the accent is put on the therapeutically effects, in others on the sensual interaction or even on the great need of relaxation any man may feel.

The Tantra and Tao erotic massage is the one in which the sensual interaction adds at the therapeutically effects and at other important benefits. These are some of the reasons why the value of the tantra massage is so great. In this special type of massage, the tantric and the erotic one, the many benefits come all together, determining lots of pleasure and fulfillment for the one who tries it.

Every tantra massage brings along different types of beneficial aspects which make the guest very glad after feeling them. These aspects come from various areas in which one may find pleasure, welfare and therapy.

Therapeutically effects in the tantra massage in general
The therapeutically effects coming from the tantra massage offer it a rare value. The value of the tantra and erotic massage is not due only to the therapeutically effects, as there are a lot of other benefits in it. All together give a certain uniqueness to the tantra massage. But the therapeutically effects are important as they offer an even greater value to this massage and because not all types of massages rely so strong on them.

They include beneficial and even medical effects at all the levels of the being. We can speak here about effects at the physical level, at the psychical level or at mental one. Every of these levels can be traced easily, but the power with which they can be perceived differ from person to person.

Effects of the tantra massage at the physical level of the being
Due to the relaxation on every part of the body which precedes any other maneuvers, the muscles may then be very well massaged. The massage over the tensed muscles helps them relax, releases the tensions and creates a big state of comfort. Some aches are possible to disappear, if the massage is renewed and focused upon those areas which tend to present problems.
A relaxed physical body always gives a view of welfare, of feeling good, even of shine. The relaxation is very important for the entire structure of the body.

Healing virtues of the tantra massage at the psychical level
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4 Reasons Why Sex is Absolutely Vital to Hold a Marriage Together

To view sex as only a way to reproduce would be a massive mistake and, believe it or not, a lot of people still make that mistake. As human beings, the importance of lovemaking extends beyond just procreation and physical needs because it has a tremendous impact on our personal lives and may often map out the future course of our relationships. On that note, here are four reasons why a healthy sex life is absolutely vital for holding a marriage together.

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Carnal Needs

If the concerned person is a physically and mentally healthy individual, he/she will have undeniable sexual needs, and unless those needs are met by his/her partner and vice-versa, it would be impossible for the couple to be truly happy. While there are definitely a lot of other activities that you two can and should do together, it’s those sexual acts that you engage in as a couple that makes you two a couple and not just great friends. Ignoring your own sexual needs or those of your partner is one of the most common reasons as to why people drift apart in a marriage.


There’s more to connecting with sex than just the literal aspect of it! The main reason as to why cheating is considered to be one of the worst things that a husband or a wife can do to their partner is because it breaks that intimate psychological connection and trust which they had built over the years through many acts, with the most important one of those acts being the lovemaking. Therefore, even when both of you are perfectly loyal, it is necessary to maintain that intimate bond that you have as a couple both physically and emotionally through sex, so that there is no gap in between the two of you which someone else can slip into.

Stress Busting

It is true that there are certainly other ways to bust stress as a couple, but nothing brings couples closer together and busts stress at the same time, better than sex. We all think and behave through the principles of association, so, if both of you can associate a sense of enjoyment and relaxation with each other, the marriage is a lot more likely to hold together.

Better Understanding

People are squeamish about their sexual needs, fetishes, and desires, so those desires often stay unfulfilled in a marriage, and that leads to sexual dissatisfaction. To eliminate boredom and create a situation where both of you can express yourselves, liven things up a bit with things such as fun sex toys for couples, a few new positions, and maybe even some roleplay. The freer a husband/wife feels he/she can be towards communicating intimate sexual desires to their partner, the more communication will improve between them. Improved communication leads to better understanding and, as a result of all that, the marriage tends to flow a lot better and be happier.

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Customizing the Look You Want for Your Big Day

You may want to look unique and beautiful on your wedding day. You do not want your dress or veil to be a mass produced number that you buy off the rack. Instead, you may prefer to get a customized look that no one else will be wearing that season.

You do not have to hire a high-priced designer to customize your dress or veil. You can custom order a dress made out of satin, shoes made out of silk, and a wedding veil with lace when you go on the website today.

Expressing Your Views

When you shop at a store that sells mass produced veils and dresses, you probably do not get the opportunity to tell the store staff what kind of look you are going for on the big day. You may be little more than just a number and someone to make commission off of when you are in the store. You may end up with a dress and a veil that are less than what you want to wear.

However, when you go the custom order route, you have the chance to tell the designer exactly what kind of dress and veil you want. The designer will take the time to listen to you and perhaps work up sketches that you can view before any work actually starts on your outfit.

You may wonder if you can afford to customize your veil and dress or if it will all be too pricey. As you can find out online, the cost can be just as affordable as buying off the rack. You actually may have more control over the price because you have the final say in how much and what kind of material gets used to make your outfit.

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Dating Becomes Much Easier when You Use an Online Site

For quite some time, I felt like it had become much harder for me to meet new people to date. I was spending more time at home alone on the weekends than I ever had during my adult life. Since I learned about desi girls hard working and I even think I have met a new person, who I want to spend the rest of my life with thanks to that website. I was beginning to worry about whether I would be alone for good, but now I have no worries at all.

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What Is The Right Headstone Design For A Memorial?

A headstone or gravestone is a marker which is placed above the grave. It consists of the name of the deceases, his dates of birth and death and an additional quote or inscription. But this is not the only way to enhance memorial plaques. You can make a headstone richer for the memory of your loved one. To learn more about the process of graving, go through the following options which you should discuss with a stone mason as you but a headstone for your beloved.

Types of gravestone inscriptions


  • For the existing monuments: if the cost of buying a gravestone is too high, you can choose a cheaper option and use an existing monument in which case no wording will be added.
  • Additional inscriptions: if the existing monument was made for two or more people, a new inscription is added for the deceased.
  • Renovations: if you have a tombstone already, but is in bad shape, the best thing to do would be to replace it with a new one.
  • New headstone inscriptions: when you need to create a new memorial, you will buy a brand new gravestone, and new wording will be inscribed.

New gravestone lettering options

There are 4 basic options for wording a grave marker. The choice depends on personal preference and the type of granite. Note that particular options need more maintenance than others.

Silver paint

This is a unique design that offers a bold and slick appearance. But it is susceptible to weather damage and so requires constant maintenance.

Gold leaf

If you are seeking an elegant finish, the gold leaf should be your ideal design. The golden inscriptions are engraved deeply and gilded with gold leaf. Like the silver paint, this type of headstone requires regular maintenance because weather conditions can damage it.


Everything in the headstone is sandblasted except the wording. No maintenance is needed, and that makes it a popular choice for most families.


This is the opposite design of the raised headstone. All the letters are sandblasted, but the rest of the gravestone is not. It is a simple design, cost-friendly, and has no maintenance requirements.

Fonts and symbols

If you don’t have a particular font in mind, the monumental mason can suggest one for you. There are hundreds of fonts you can choose from, but they are categorized into 4 types namely script, san serif, serif, and old English.


Use the language that the deceased used. If they came from different ethnic backgrounds, you might want to combine his languages on the tombstone. Gravestone masons are experienced with languages and all you have to do is direct them.

The actual message

Headstone wording is very significant in the creation of a memorial. It is the departing message and so it must be clear, relevant, and satisfactory. Do not rush when coming up with an epitaph. The message can be in form of:

  • Life reference
  • Symbol
  • Tribute
  • Poetry
  • Song lyrics
  • Famous quotes
  • Holy book scriptures etc.

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