Ways to Keep the Attraction Strong in a Long Term Relationship

Maintaining attraction in a long term relationship isn’t always an easy task and it gets more difficult with the passing years and a few children. A long term partnership or a marriage has many social, financial and psychological pressures that weigh it down and impact the desirability of the partner and excitement of the relationship.

For a relationship to work, whether it’s a couple of months or 50 plus years, attraction is a very important factor. There will inevitably be short periods of ups and downs in sexual desire for your partners, but sometimes it can stretch too long. This is when it becomes important to address this issue by implementing some of these ways to keep the attraction between both partners intact. Here are some ways you can keep the flame going and the attraction at its peak in your relationship.

  1. Keep in shape: One of the most common things that happen when one or both partners lose interest in each other is that they do not find themselves to be attractive. A lot of ups and downs in sexual intimacy are related to the way the partners feel about themselves. Body positivity and self-esteem are important elements of being sexually receptive which is why keeping in good shape also keeps your sexual spirits high. Eat healthy, exercise and stay fit. When you feel good in your body, you radiate vibes which attract your partner towards you. Moreover owning an attractive body will naturally lead you to take actions to fulfill your sexual desires.
  2. Put an effort in your appearance: After a long time in a marriage or a relationship, many people let go of themselves in terms of personal grooming and dressing up. It’s not just important to be in good shape. To create interest, excitement and some thrill it’s very important to have occasions where both partners groom themselves well, dress up nicely in a fancy boutique dress and indulge in a romantic activity. Be it a dinner date in your most appealing clothes or a wild and sexy night of partying out, when the sex appeal is amped up, both partners feel the heat and that is bound to bring back any previous dip in the attraction meter.
  3. Show and give mementos of love: Small gestures of love go a long way in keeping two people together and in love. Love is not a magical flower in an enchanted garden that keeps growing on its own. It is instead more like a regular flower which is delicate and needs nourishment and care throughout. To water your relationship your little acts of thoughtful affection like bringing flowers or chocolates, decorating the house with scented candles or writing letters will prove to be very effective. To stay emotionally and sexually interested, both partners need to be able to see each other making efforts and showing affection and gratitude towards the other.
  4. Find a way to miss them: Our hyper-connected world makes people feel like their social
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The Latest Sex Toy Trends and Technologies

It is interesting how far the sex toy has come over the centuries. It is rumored that Cleopatra created a vibrator using a gourd filled with buzzing bees. The Chinese would then get in on the game centuries later by making dildos out of bronze, wood, and stone. People always seemed to be on the search for the perfect sex toy. This search went deeper when women were diagnosed with “hysteria” during the industrial revolution. Before doctors created the electric vibrator, they would manually stimulate women to fix their condition. This resulted in doctors developing tendonitis and muscle strain. The very loud electric vibrator solved this.

In a way, the sex toy history is rather humorous, but a device can only be built by using the technology available at that time. The good news for us is that technology has advanced. Today, there are many types of devices that men and women use in different ways to stimulate themselves, which is why sex toy collections hiding in sock drawers are out of this world. For the first timer or the sex toy enthusiast, there is great technology out there to look into.

Virtual Reality in the Sex Toy Industry

It’s fair to say the closest thing to virtual reality at one time was the Fleshlight and similar masturbators for men. The industry has advanced from there by creating masturbators connected to virtual reality headsets that give the illusion of intercourse. Send a signal to the eyes via the headset and put a person in a suit outfitted with sensors, and the experience becomes very realistic. Hand the suit wearer a set of artificial breasts and make it even more intense.

The eJaculator is another virtual reality device that is similar to a Fleshlight, but it has its differences. This device can be programmed to simulate the thrust of a porn star. Add the VR headpiece for visual assistance, and the experience becomes more realistic. There’s also a wireless remote control and a smartphone app, so everything is there to make the eJaculator seem as close to the real thing as possible. Other devices like the eJaculator include the BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation and the Fleshlight vStroker. The vStroker is the Fleshlight on steroids; it has a virtual reality headset with it that makes things more real.

Sex Robots Taking the Industry by Storm

Masturbators are popular, but those with a bit more cash to spend may opt for the sex robots that are starting to hit the market. The demand as high, which was evidencedwhen VirtuaDolls launched a Kickstarter campaign that was funded quickly. The demand was so high that the project hadto be pulled. A virtual reality headpiece is needed, but the robot stimulates the wearer of the headpiece and does so in a responsive manner. It is not known when the project will be restarted.

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5 Reasons Why Being Nice Is More Important Than Being Sexy

Everyone is different and is, therefore, attracted to people due to different characteristics. Some care only about beauty whereas others tend to choose a second half based on their inner world.

It is believed that relationships with a nice and caring individual will take you much further than relationships where beauty is at the first place.

Moreover, it absolutely doesn’t matter whether you are dating at the age of 20 or it is mature date free and single over 40 at an online website. Sexy body and good looks simply can’t guarantee something more than a sexual intercourse. That’s the main reason why a great number of people are looking for something real instead of an empty sex appeal.

Nice or sexy?

  1. All the secrets are disclosed – tons of make-up, push-up bras, Spanx, and many other girlish secrets will sooner or later come off. When uploading pictures, the majority of women are improving them with multiple filters and Photoshop, trying to make all details perfect. But when you meet this person in real life, it is impossible to recognize her. Under no circumstances, will this fake stuff ever help you. Whereas your character, amusing personality, manners, and morals are the key to success.
  2. The more you date, the more you like – needless to say that the majority of us are not Victoria Secret models or professional soccer players, are we? That’s why the more time you spend with a person, the more you get to know them, and, consequently, start liking them without paying attention to physical characteristics. After all, they can always be improved.
  3. Being nice means being sexy – in accordance with the study, men are extremely attracted to women who are supportive, understanding, intelligent, and sympathetic. For men, these particular traits in a woman are the most sexually appealing.
  4. Being nice and kind is a potential success – people who are compassionate are more likely to succeed not only at work but in personal life too as everyone needs support and understanding which are impossible to get from a beautiful “doll”.
  5. No stress – the most integral part about dating is communication. But what can one talk about with a beautiful but not a smart girl? If she is not a good conversationalist, then you will simply get bored and all her beauty will fade away instead of saving the situation.

A lot of people pay attention to the looks when meeting a person for the first time. However, in the long run being nice means way more than being sexy for the relationship to be successful.

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7 Ways to Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Relationship

Montreal is one of the most romantic cities in the world and is a wonderful spot for couples. If you happen to visit the city or if you live here, there are a few things that you can do with your partner. You can enjoy a moonlight trek up to top of Mount Royal, cruise along the St. Lawrence River, spend the night in an ice hotel, indulge in a spa treatment, or get  relaxing massages in Montreal.

Whatever you do, the important thing is that you enjoy every moment with your significant other. If you feel like your realtionshio needs a boost- or the love is there, but the intimacy is gone. Don’t give up just yet. There are ways to bring back the intimacy and get the fire burning again in your relationship.

  1. Remember the time when you first met and the first few dates that followed after.

Most relationships start off with a lot of intimacy and passion. Reminisce those times together. Remind each other how you felt during those special times and try to revive those feelings.

  1. Express your love for each other.

Sometimes, you have to go back to basics. Three simple words may be all it takes to remind you both what you love best about one another.

  1. Kiss more often.

A kiss is a great way of showing how much you love your partner. You should continue to hug, cuddle, and kiss, whenever you have the chance and no matter how busy you are. And make sure that when you kiss, kiss deeply and passionately.

  1. Add some mystery to the relationship.

This does not mean keeping secrets from one another. Mystery means adding elements of surprise into the relationship and making an effort to be seductive and exciting in the process. Avoid being too predictable as it can get really boring fast.

  1. Appreciate the little things that often go unnoticed.

When you compliment your partner, it makes him or her feel special. It also creates a feeling of being wanted. Intimacy does not always need to start big. You can start with the small things and then work your way from there.

  1. Flirt with your partner.

Even if you have been together for many years already, do not stop flirting with your partner. Tell him how good he looks or tell her how her dress suits her body perfectly. Be spontaneous and maybe tease a little.

  1. Connect with each other emotionally and physically as well.

Physical intimacy is important in a romantic relationship so always find time to connect. Do not let it die because once there is no more physical connection, there will also be less affection.

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Whether you want to learn how to plant grass seed in your garden for rejuvenating your lawn or starting a fresh garden, the key there is the grass.  It should be a rich, healthy and green grass and one that will fully grow all throughout your garden despite the weather you have in your area.

Steps on how to plant grass seed in your garden

The first step on how to plant grass seed is having the best kind of seed that you can find.  It doesn’t have to be all that expensive just be sure that the quality will not be compromised.  It should also be resistant to diseases and insects and tough against the changing seasons.

For best results, start planting the grass seed during spring or fall.  Before doing so, you need to prepare the soil on your lawn.  Either you want to start fresh or tending to one that already exists, the process is still the same only with having an existing lawn, mowing is part of the process.    Loosen up the soil and remove all debris in site and level the entire area so that no water will accumulate.  For the fertilizer, use one that is appropriate to the situation that you have.

The next step that you will be doing is to spread the grass seed.  You sow the seeds with your own hands or you can use a lawn spreader in doing this.  If you have a really huge garden, a mechanical seeder will do the job for you.  About 16 seeds per square inch will be good enough for your lawn although you need to avoid placing too much seeds too close to each area.

Cover the seeds with at least a quarter inch of soil and make sure that you dampen it with an ample amount of water.  Make sure that you don’t sprinkle too much water on the seeds or you will drown the seeds.

How to plant grass seed in your garden:  Watering

After the first watering of the area, you will still need to keep the soil moist as required by the seeds.  Adequate moisture is imperative during this stage soaking the seeds well to allow optimum growth.  Once the seeds start to germinate, a lighter sprinkling will be enough to maintain the moisture.

Avoid puddles or run-off in watering your plants and it is necessary to use a lot of short watering periods than sprinkle a lot in one time.  Use a soft spray wand if you are watering by hand.  When using a hosed sprinkler, be careful with dragging the hose across the soil where you planted the seed making sure that you don’t disturb the mulch.

A good quality of equipment is a good investment for your lawn.  Cheap ones may easily break and the patterns won’t even distribution of water.  You need to be sure that all parts are watered the right way with the right amount on every area.  This is just the … Read More