How to Stimulate the Prostate Gland

Hidden within a man is the prostate gland, or what is commonly referred to as the P-spot in sexual terms. Located just a few inches into the anal cavity, situated on a wall that is right by the stomach, the prostate gland will bring a whole new world of pleasure you never knew existed.

When dealing with such a potentially sensitive sexual adventure, you can find the closest adult sex shop near me for all of your prostate-stimulating sex toys. As it can be a bit tricky locating your prostate gland, you will need the best prostate massagers available on the market.

The Basics of Discovering your Prostate Gland

The easiest and simplest way to find your prostate gland is with your fingers. You will not need to probe too far, and you will know when you have found it as you will instantly experiencing a tingling and highly pleasurable experience.

The right prostate massager will come with a tapered tip, ensuring that the insertion process goes smoothly and comfortably. Its rounded head will be able to pinpoint exactly where your prostate gland is, and will be able to stimulate it incredibly.

Some prostate gland massagers will come with an externally fitted stimulator to bring sensation to the perineum, which is a highly sensitive part of the outer body.

As a beginner, the larger prostate massagers will be ideal to help you with your probing efforts, and will find your prostate gland in no time. As you become more experienced, you will be able to move onto smaller devices.

One thing to keep in mind regarding size is that while the bigger massagers will be able to find your prostate gland easier, the smaller ones provide a far more intense pleasuring sensation.

The Type of Massager

Having vibrations applied to this area isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but you should never omit purchasing one if you have never experienced it before. You may find that vibrating massagers are ideal for your body.

Remember that while you can easily turn off a vibrating massager, it is impossible to find such a feature in non-electronic stimulators, so make sure to consider your purchase carefully if you are on a limited budget.

The Process

No matter what kind of prostate massager you finally end up choosing, every general type of massager will have the same process involved.

Begin by positioning yourself on a couch or bed. You can lean back into the couch with your legs raised, or lean over a couch or bed with your bottom in the air. Once you have your position sorted out, you can apply lube to both the device and your inner body workings.

If it is your first time using a prostate stimulator, remember to be very slow and gentle. You also need to be as calm and aroused as possible, as nerves cause a constriction in your rectum which can lead to a painful insertion.

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How Anointed Ministry of Chris Oyakhilome Changes Lives

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is an anointed evangelist, apostle, and teacher of the word the Word of God. He is also one of the renowned authors with bestselling books that include Rhapsody of Realities. He has been involved in carrying the gospel to the various parts of the world, and the Word of God has been attested by healing miracles. He is the founder of Christ Embassy. The ministry through the leadership of Chris Oyakhilome has changed the lives of many people across the globe by the Word of God. The ministry has brought the light of the gospel across the globe since it was started in 1990.The Rhapsody of Realities has been printed in over 800 languages, and it has been disbursed in more than 242 nations.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome oversees Christ Embassy Churches which are in over 50 countries in 5 continents. The ministry has campus fellowships which provide spiritual truths to the young generation as they pursue their courses in various universities. The congregation which he pastors is one of the largest in Africa.The pastor ministers in healing crusades which are witnessed by various miracles such as disabled people walking, blind seeing and the hearing of the deaf. He holds the Night of Bliss which gathers more than 3.5 million people in a single night.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome imparted the Word of God to the congregation in the Haven Convention held in 2017 at Love World Conference Centre in Nigeria. The congregation had a wonderful time of praise, worship, and ministration of the Word of God. The members of the Haven Nation had special shows on which they edified the congregation. The senior ministers revitalized the delegates with the Word of God.

The TV channel launched in July 2017 airs various programs to the viewers. The programs are building up Christians to grow strong in the Word of God. The TV channel features many programs which are compiled by Christ Embassy International. The programs which are featured include Atmosphere of Miracles and Pastor Chris teaches. The TV channel also provides global news, praise and worship sessions and the crusades that have been held by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome .the channel was launched officially in the USA to air Christian programs and entertain the viewers. The teachings of the Rev Chris are broadcasted to strengthen the viewers spiritually. Pastor Chris has a good understanding of the Bible which is necessary for spiritual growth.

The TV channel was instigated by the presence of Love World USA which brings hopes to the Christian families in America. The network brings hope, love, and demonstration of the power of God. It focuses on bringing the good news of the gospel to the viewers. The channel features Rev Chris ministering with Holy Ghost. The wonders of God are evident from the broadcasts from healing crusades. The millions of Christians living in the USA get the opportunity to be nourished by the spiritual messages from the channel. The young people enjoy the specialized ministries from Love … Read More

Loveworld USA Is A Brand New Channel For You

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been spreading the word of God for over 30 years now and Christ embassy to help him spread that word to the farthest reaches of the world as possible.

Chris Oyakhilome along with Christ embassy is on the mission to show as many people as they can reach the true power and glory of the word and love of God. They want people to understand that God is with you always and forever, no matter how difficult things might seem in your life.

With the above statement in mind, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has launched a brand new religious channel with the idea of spreading the word of God and to help people strengthen their faith in God as well as bringing new people to the breast of God’s love. God will always be there for you. God is an ever loving God that knows what it is that you need to power through any hardships that you might have in your life and with the help of Chris Oyakhilome spreading the word of God as well as his only begotten son Jesus Christ, he is going to show you that there is no greater power than those words that God has to give you to make you a strong believer.

With all of the dire troubles going on in the world around us there has never been a more important time to have somewhere with someone that you can turn to that can show you that your faith is not in vein. This is why Loveworld USA was launched in the American market, to help as many different races and nationalities to reach for the love of God that they know is steadfastly there the entire time.

Loveworld USA is the channel that brings you a variety of different religious programming, including prayer vigils along with services throughout the day given to you by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as well as other preachers associated with Christ embassy who can show you the power that God brings to all of his followers and nonbelievers alike wishing to see what the word of God can bring to them.

Loveworld USA also brings crusades and conferences the world over, not only on your local cable stations, but through streaming services online so that you will always have a place that you can find the word of God there for you and the things that you believe in through the many various means of getting to them every single day.

Please join Loveworld USA cable television network and Chris Oyakhilome on your local Spectrum Cable Package as well as Spectrum online to find out what channel Loveworld is located on so that he may give you the word of Christ in all its glory today.… Read More

Ways to Keep the Attraction Strong in a Long Term Relationship

Maintaining attraction in a long term relationship isn’t always an easy task and it gets more difficult with the passing years and a few children. A long term partnership or a marriage has many social, financial and psychological pressures that weigh it down and impact the desirability of the partner and excitement of the relationship.

For a relationship to work, whether it’s a couple of months or 50 plus years, attraction is a very important factor. There will inevitably be short periods of ups and downs in sexual desire for your partners, but sometimes it can stretch too long. This is when it becomes important to address this issue by implementing some of these ways to keep the attraction between both partners intact. Here are some ways you can keep the flame going and the attraction at its peak in your relationship.

  1. Keep in shape: One of the most common things that happen when one or both partners lose interest in each other is that they do not find themselves to be attractive. A lot of ups and downs in sexual intimacy are related to the way the partners feel about themselves. Body positivity and self-esteem are important elements of being sexually receptive which is why keeping in good shape also keeps your sexual spirits high. Eat healthy, exercise and stay fit. When you feel good in your body, you radiate vibes which attract your partner towards you. Moreover owning an attractive body will naturally lead you to take actions to fulfill your sexual desires.
  2. Put an effort in your appearance: After a long time in a marriage or a relationship, many people let go of themselves in terms of personal grooming and dressing up. It’s not just important to be in good shape. To create interest, excitement and some thrill it’s very important to have occasions where both partners groom themselves well, dress up nicely in a fancy boutique dress and indulge in a romantic activity. Be it a dinner date in your most appealing clothes or a wild and sexy night of partying out, when the sex appeal is amped up, both partners feel the heat and that is bound to bring back any previous dip in the attraction meter.
  3. Show and give mementos of love: Small gestures of love go a long way in keeping two people together and in love. Love is not a magical flower in an enchanted garden that keeps growing on its own. It is instead more like a regular flower which is delicate and needs nourishment and care throughout. To water your relationship your little acts of thoughtful affection like bringing flowers or chocolates, decorating the house with scented candles or writing letters will prove to be very effective. To stay emotionally and sexually interested, both partners need to be able to see each other making efforts and showing affection and gratitude towards the other.
  4. Find a way to miss them: Our hyper-connected world makes people feel like their social
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The Latest Sex Toy Trends and Technologies

It is interesting how far the sex toy has come over the centuries. It is rumored that Cleopatra created a vibrator using a gourd filled with buzzing bees. The Chinese would then get in on the game centuries later by making dildos out of bronze, wood, and stone. People always seemed to be on the search for the perfect sex toy. This search went deeper when women were diagnosed with “hysteria” during the industrial revolution. Before doctors created the electric vibrator, they would manually stimulate women to fix their condition. This resulted in doctors developing tendonitis and muscle strain. The very loud electric vibrator solved this.

In a way, the sex toy history is rather humorous, but a device can only be built by using the technology available at that time. The good news for us is that technology has advanced. Today, there are many types of devices that men and women use in different ways to stimulate themselves, which is why sex toy collections hiding in sock drawers are out of this world. For the first timer or the sex toy enthusiast, there is great technology out there to look into.

Virtual Reality in the Sex Toy Industry

It’s fair to say the closest thing to virtual reality at one time was the Fleshlight and similar masturbators for men. The industry has advanced from there by creating masturbators connected to virtual reality headsets that give the illusion of intercourse. Send a signal to the eyes via the headset and put a person in a suit outfitted with sensors, and the experience becomes very realistic. Hand the suit wearer a set of artificial breasts and make it even more intense.

The eJaculator is another virtual reality device that is similar to a Fleshlight, but it has its differences. This device can be programmed to simulate the thrust of a porn star. Add the VR headpiece for visual assistance, and the experience becomes more realistic. There’s also a wireless remote control and a smartphone app, so everything is there to make the eJaculator seem as close to the real thing as possible. Other devices like the eJaculator include the BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation and the Fleshlight vStroker. The vStroker is the Fleshlight on steroids; it has a virtual reality headset with it that makes things more real.

Sex Robots Taking the Industry by Storm

Masturbators are popular, but those with a bit more cash to spend may opt for the sex robots that are starting to hit the market. The demand as high, which was evidencedwhen VirtuaDolls launched a Kickstarter campaign that was funded quickly. The demand was so high that the project hadto be pulled. A virtual reality headpiece is needed, but the robot stimulates the wearer of the headpiece and does so in a responsive manner. It is not known when the project will be restarted.

Now that VirtuaDolls are on hold, in comes the Realdoll. Harmony is a Realdoll that can form … Read More