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Know the Basic Process in Web Design Web design is the process involving several varied skills and discipline that are needed in order to maintain and develop websites. Web designing has several parts that cover fields in interface design, graphic design, proprietary software and standardized code authoring, SEO or search engine optimization and user experience design. There are designers that can specialize all of these aspects of web design, however, some designers may also work in groups with each one performing a different area of the process. Using the term web design would signal the used of the design process that involves the front-end design of a site that also incorporate the writing mark up too. Between web engineering and web design, the development of the website is wider in scope in web design because of its complexity. This is for the reason that web designers are considered to be more experienced and knowledgeable in the technical aspect of usability and updates in website accessibility considering their work also involves writing mark up also. Playing a big role in the web design is HTML or hyper text markup language that provides the content of the website, the meaning and structure, and defining the content of paragraphs, images, headings and others. In order to improve the appearance of the content of the site, like colors and fonts, a display language is used called cascading style sheets or CSS.
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In dealing with web design, be reminded that these two languages CSS and HTML, are used independently of one another and this should be followed. This means that HTML should represent the content while CSS represents the content appearance. Beginners of HTML would likely be unfamiliar and find the terms strange, but in time will be able to adjust in the use of these.
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Depending on the sequence of the process used in production, web designers use a wide array tools in their jobs. Even with the updates done regularly through software and standards, the principles remain the same in the tools and technologies of web designing. In order to create design prototypes and images that are laid out on the web, web designers make use of raster and vector graphics. When the work is referred to in the coming up with a site for the World Wide Web, the term is called web development. Web development is tasked to in making web design, client liaison and e-commerce development. Your website should not only provide information that you want readers to know but the feel and appearance should also be given importance in the site development. When scaling your website, a major consideration is your intended viewers and this include their nationality, gender, age range, animation, colors and graphics.