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An Overview of the History of Phone Sex Phone sex has over the years gained a lot of popularity, especially in today’s modern society. Millions of people express their passions and simulate sexual activity over the phone and indulge in all types of naughty conversations with other consenting adults. For many years, phone sex has been a frisky, exciting and largely delightful past time for adults. What exactly is the history of phone sex? Here we discuss what phone sex is, who invented it, it’s commercialization, the first phone sex services and it’s modern adoption today. What is phone sex? If you have never shared intimate moments with a loved one or an anonymous sexy adult for free or for a fee, then phone sex offers that pleasure. It’s simply the act of describing and simulating sexual fantasies and activities over the phone. Adults engaged in phone sex express and describe sexual acts or wild fantasies they have in mind to each other. Phone sex conversations can also be about mutual masturbation, sex play talk or sexual role play. Every one has their perfect phone sex experience. This can happen between long-distant partners, an individual and a paid phone sex operator or a random single looking to have a sexual chat over the phone. Who was the brains behind phone sex? Phone sex was originally started in the 70’s. A popular adult entertainer called Gloria Leonard, is known to launch and promote the first phone sex line during her stint in the adult content industry from 1977-1991. She was also the first female published or a popular hardcore adult magazine named High Society and developed the idea of using her voice to make sexual recordings with her models, which was considered the beginning of the phone sex era. After convincing the magazine owner, Carl Ruderman to take up the idea and buy more phone lines for recordings, numerous calls came in each month. That is what gave birth to the phone sex revolution.
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How did the revolution go commercial? Over time, the phone sex concept exploded in popularity. Using phone numbers with the infamous 900 prefix, operators charged on a per minute basis. You would find all types of advertisements promoting these numbers in adult content, magazines and late night adult television shows and commercials. After calling these numbers, men enjoyed a variety of options they could select using a regular touch tone phone. You could easy choose the type of phone sex operator you want including daddies, horny housewives, lesbians, submissives and others. Later on in the late 80’s and 90’s, more interesting phone dating services came up. These services were used to match single adults in the same area who wanted to flirt over the phone.
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How has phone sex evolved today? Once internet access started becoming easily accessible from the year 2000, more phone sex services came up in the market. The market today is unlike anything in the past, with technology changing a lot of things. There are many specialized websites connecting adults who are after flirty phone sex. Despite the rise of the internet and other forms of enjoying sexual pleasure like adult sites, chat rooms and webcams, phone sex still remains popular. The reason it remains attractive to many people is because it enables any adult to accommodate other people’s sexual fantasies and live out their desired sexual scenarios with anyone in a safe and exciting way.