Whether you want to learn how to plant grass seed in your garden for rejuvenating your lawn or starting a fresh garden, the key there is the grass.  It should be a rich, healthy and green grass and one that will fully grow all throughout your garden despite the weather you have in your area.

Steps on how to plant grass seed in your garden

The first step on how to plant grass seed is having the best kind of seed that you can find.  It doesn’t have to be all that expensive just be sure that the quality will not be compromised.  It should also be resistant to diseases and insects and tough against the changing seasons.

For best results, start planting the grass seed during spring or fall.  Before doing so, you need to prepare the soil on your lawn.  Either you want to start fresh or tending to one that already exists, the process is still the same only with having an existing lawn, mowing is part of the process.    Loosen up the soil and remove all debris in site and level the entire area so that no water will accumulate.  For the fertilizer, use one that is appropriate to the situation that you have.

The next step that you will be doing is to spread the grass seed.  You sow the seeds with your own hands or you can use a lawn spreader in doing this.  If you have a really huge garden, a mechanical seeder will do the job for you.  About 16 seeds per square inch will be good enough for your lawn although you need to avoid placing too much seeds too close to each area.

Cover the seeds with at least a quarter inch of soil and make sure that you dampen it with an ample amount of water.  Make sure that you don’t sprinkle too much water on the seeds or you will drown the seeds.

How to plant grass seed in your garden:  Watering

After the first watering of the area, you will still need to keep the soil moist as required by the seeds.  Adequate moisture is imperative during this stage soaking the seeds well to allow optimum growth.  Once the seeds start to germinate, a lighter sprinkling will be enough to maintain the moisture.

Avoid puddles or run-off in watering your plants and it is necessary to use a lot of short watering periods than sprinkle a lot in one time.  Use a soft spray wand if you are watering by hand.  When using a hosed sprinkler, be careful with dragging the hose across the soil where you planted the seed making sure that you don’t disturb the mulch.

A good quality of equipment is a good investment for your lawn.  Cheap ones may easily break and the patterns won’t even distribution of water.  You need to be sure that all parts are watered the right way with the right amount on every area.  This is just the first part on how to plant grass seed in your garden, and a whole lot more are needed to be done after the grasses grow.

When your lawn grow up, you should regularly mow it with a lawn mower. Currently, there are many types of lawn mower on the market. You can use a self propelled lawn mower to save your time and effort, or use a manual lawn mower with a cheap price. Both of them can help you work well.