How to Stimulate the Prostate Gland

Hidden within a man is the prostate gland, or what is commonly referred to as the P-spot in sexual terms. Located just a few inches into the anal cavity, situated on a wall that is right by the stomach, the prostate gland will bring a whole new world of pleasure you never knew existed.

When dealing with such a potentially sensitive sexual adventure, you can find the closest adult sex shop near me for all of your prostate-stimulating sex toys. As it can be a bit tricky locating your prostate gland, you will need the best prostate massagers available on the market.

The Basics of Discovering your Prostate Gland

The easiest and simplest way to find your prostate gland is with your fingers. You will not need to probe too far, and you will know when you have found it as you will instantly experiencing a tingling and highly pleasurable experience.

The right prostate massager will come with a tapered tip, ensuring that the insertion process goes smoothly and comfortably. Its rounded head will be able to pinpoint exactly where your prostate gland is, and will be able to stimulate it incredibly.

Some prostate gland massagers will come with an externally fitted stimulator to bring sensation to the perineum, which is a highly sensitive part of the outer body.

As a beginner, the larger prostate massagers will be ideal to help you with your probing efforts, and will find your prostate gland in no time. As you become more experienced, you will be able to move onto smaller devices.

One thing to keep in mind regarding size is that while the bigger massagers will be able to find your prostate gland easier, the smaller ones provide a far more intense pleasuring sensation.

The Type of Massager

Having vibrations applied to this area isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but you should never omit purchasing one if you have never experienced it before. You may find that vibrating massagers are ideal for your body.

Remember that while you can easily turn off a vibrating massager, it is impossible to find such a feature in non-electronic stimulators, so make sure to consider your purchase carefully if you are on a limited budget.

The Process

No matter what kind of prostate massager you finally end up choosing, every general type of massager will have the same process involved.

Begin by positioning yourself on a couch or bed. You can lean back into the couch with your legs raised, or lean over a couch or bed with your bottom in the air. Once you have your position sorted out, you can apply lube to both the device and your inner body workings.

If it is your first time using a prostate stimulator, remember to be very slow and gentle. You also need to be as calm and aroused as possible, as nerves cause a constriction in your rectum which can lead to a painful insertion.

Now, insert the toy, slowly and steadily, and begin exploring a whole new side to your sexuality you did not know existed.