The Latest Sex Toy Trends and Technologies

It is interesting how far the sex toy has come over the centuries. It is rumored that Cleopatra created a vibrator using a gourd filled with buzzing bees. The Chinese would then get in on the game centuries later by making dildos out of bronze, wood, and stone. People always seemed to be on the search for the perfect sex toy. This search went deeper when women were diagnosed with “hysteria” during the industrial revolution. Before doctors created the electric vibrator, they would manually stimulate women to fix their condition. This resulted in doctors developing tendonitis and muscle strain. The very loud electric vibrator solved this.

In a way, the sex toy history is rather humorous, but a device can only be built by using the technology available at that time. The good news for us is that technology has advanced. Today, there are many types of devices that men and women use in different ways to stimulate themselves, which is why sex toy collections hiding in sock drawers are out of this world. For the first timer or the sex toy enthusiast, there is great technology out there to look into.

Virtual Reality in the Sex Toy Industry

It’s fair to say the closest thing to virtual reality at one time was the Fleshlight and similar masturbators for men. The industry has advanced from there by creating masturbators connected to virtual reality headsets that give the illusion of intercourse. Send a signal to the eyes via the headset and put a person in a suit outfitted with sensors, and the experience becomes very realistic. Hand the suit wearer a set of artificial breasts and make it even more intense.

The eJaculator is another virtual reality device that is similar to a Fleshlight, but it has its differences. This device can be programmed to simulate the thrust of a porn star. Add the VR headpiece for visual assistance, and the experience becomes more realistic. There’s also a wireless remote control and a smartphone app, so everything is there to make the eJaculator seem as close to the real thing as possible. Other devices like the eJaculator include the BKK Virtual Reality Cybersex Masturbation and the Fleshlight vStroker. The vStroker is the Fleshlight on steroids; it has a virtual reality headset with it that makes things more real.

Sex Robots Taking the Industry by Storm

Masturbators are popular, but those with a bit more cash to spend may opt for the sex robots that are starting to hit the market. The demand as high, which was evidencedwhen VirtuaDolls launched a Kickstarter campaign that was funded quickly. The demand was so high that the project hadto be pulled. A virtual reality headpiece is needed, but the robot stimulates the wearer of the headpiece and does so in a responsive manner. It is not known when the project will be restarted.

Now that VirtuaDolls are on hold, in comes the Realdoll. Harmony is a Realdoll that can form an emotional connection with her person, making her the first genuine sex robot to operate using true artificial intelligence. She can fall in love, depending on the selections her person makes. She can also say things that are completely unpredictable, but she is controllable through a smartphone app.

It’s going to be fun to see how far sex robots go once they start taking the market by storm. These are not just any robots, but robots with functional genitalia.

Fun from Long Distances

Long-distance sex toys are starting to become more popular, as they can sexually connect two people who are a world away from each other. Each partner controls the other’s sex toy. Throw in a little dirty talk and some button pushing, and you can have a great night together. If it was really good, then you can play back your last session to experience it all over again.

Keeping Up with Sex Toy Trends

If you are just getting started as a sex toy owner or you want to add to your collection, there are some sex toy trends to get in on. The simple finger vibrator is one. It’s small and portable. Sex swings are still popular and probably going nowhere. Masturbators are affordable and discreet. Moreover, that multi-speed “body massager” will always have its place in the sock drawer.

Sex toys are even becoming wearable. Crave, a sex toy manufacturer in San Francisco, is spicing up lunch hours everywhere with its wearable bullet necklace that women can take on the go.

For the ladies that need to strengthen their Kegel muscles, especially after a couple kids or more, the Trainer Toyfriend can help. This simple device isn’t an actual sex toy, but it can strengthen those important lady muscles so that things can be much more exciting in the bedroom.

New Sex Shops Online

To get all of these fantastic sex toys, you have to have a place to make the purchase. Online sex shops are going online all the time because there is so much to offer and a demand to meet. is a sex toy site that targets the Norwegian market and has a little something for everyone looking for fun. is another source for all things kinky. There are sex toys for men and women, as well asquite the selection for couples wanting to spice things up. Couples will also like This little gem is a site where you can see a good variety of trending sex toys. While the site doesn’t sell any robots or virtual reality pieces, it has an outstanding vibrator selection. Everyone needs at least one or two good vibrators.

With so much to choose from, it’s no surprise that the sex toy industry is generating billions of dollars every year. As long as people want sex, there is no way this industry is going to slow down. With virtual reality headsets and the emergence of the sex robot, much of the stigma that surrounds sex toys is starting to dissipate. This means you can try something new when you want to with your partner or by yourself, and you don’t have to worry about what other peoplewould think. Chances are they have a vibrator, too.

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