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The Best Way to Get an Ex Back For a majority of the men out there, starting a new relationship is harder than mending fences with an ex-girlfriend. For one, breaking up is easy when in a new relationship because none of the parties know a thing about each other. So, you should not be surprised about the numerous guys who wish to get back to their ex-girlfriends. So, the following information on how to save a relationship after a breakup will get you a girl in no time. If it is you girl who broke up with you, you need to identify the reason for her decision. Once you find it, make sure to stop whatever it is that made her mad; otherwise she will continue resenting your presence and advances. Ensure to apologize for any wrongdoing that resulted in the breakup but certainly don’t overdo it since that will make you look desperate and weakly. It is possible that your girl lost attraction for you, making the relationship meaningless. Your looks or behaviors are some of the top reasons she may be feeling so. If she has lost interest in you, make sure to make her want you once again. Do that by making yourself seem attractive to other girls for her to see what she is missing out on. A few casual dates with other girls that your ex should be aware of will be enough to get your message home. That will play into her psychology since women admire things that seem out of reach or those that other women posses.
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Text her a message that will make her remember one of the good times you had as a couple. Don’t make the mistake of calling her like other men do because she may take you to be desperate or misjudge your intentions. Since you don’t want her to get you wrong, a simple text is all you need. After a few texts, call her and request for a meeting. Be careful about the time you pick to speak to her since she may get the wrong ideas about your intentions if you call her late.
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Several phone calls for about a week are appropriate before asking for a meeting. If she accepts, keep things casual because making sexual advances may scare her away. Do not discuss issues to do with your intentions for a reunion during the first few meetings also because you need to make it seem like you are happy being single. You can only tell her of your intention to reunite after several such dates because the chances of her reacting in a way you do not desire are minimal. Overall, situations are different because no two breakups are similar. The trick is to show her of your immense improvements. Make sure to persevere because no girl worth her salt will say yes to you when you first suggest a reunion.