What Is The Right Headstone Design For A Memorial?

A headstone or gravestone is a marker which is placed above the grave. It consists of the name of the deceases, his dates of birth and death and an additional quote or inscription. But this is not the only way to enhance memorial plaques. You can make a headstone richer for the memory of your loved one. To learn more about the process of graving, go through the following options which you should discuss with a stone mason as you but a headstone for your beloved.

Types of gravestone inscriptions


  • For the existing monuments: if the cost of buying a gravestone is too high, you can choose a cheaper option and use an existing monument in which case no wording will be added.
  • Additional inscriptions: if the existing monument was made for two or more people, a new inscription is added for the deceased.
  • Renovations: if you have a tombstone already, but is in bad shape, the best thing to do would be to replace it with a new one.
  • New headstone inscriptions: when you need to create a new memorial, you will buy a brand new gravestone, and new wording will be inscribed.

New gravestone lettering options

There are 4 basic options for wording a grave marker. The choice depends on personal preference and the type of granite. Note that particular options need more maintenance than others.

Silver paint

This is a unique design that offers a bold and slick appearance. But it is susceptible to weather damage and so requires constant maintenance.

Gold leaf

If you are seeking an elegant finish, the gold leaf should be your ideal design. The golden inscriptions are engraved deeply and gilded with gold leaf. Like the silver paint, this type of headstone requires regular maintenance because weather conditions can damage it.


Everything in the headstone is sandblasted except the wording. No maintenance is needed, and that makes it a popular choice for most families.


This is the opposite design of the raised headstone. All the letters are sandblasted, but the rest of the gravestone is not. It is a simple design, cost-friendly, and has no maintenance requirements.

Fonts and symbols

If you don’t have a particular font in mind, the monumental mason can suggest one for you. There are hundreds of fonts you can choose from, but they are categorized into 4 types namely script, san serif, serif, and old English.


Use the language that the deceased used. If they came from different ethnic backgrounds, you might want to combine his languages on the tombstone. Gravestone masons are experienced with languages and all you have to do is direct them.

The actual message

Headstone wording is very significant in the creation of a memorial. It is the departing message and so it must be clear, relevant, and satisfactory. Do not rush when coming up with an epitaph. The message can be in form of:

  • Life reference
  • Symbol
  • Tribute
  • Poetry
  • Song lyrics
  • Famous quotes
  • Holy book scriptures etc.

To have a better idea of the right tombstone, take a look at different galleries with headstone designs and you will find inspirations. Also, keep your family budget in mind and discuss it with the monumental mason because the prices range according to different designs. You may conduct this research either online or offline. Online quotes, stanzas, lyrics, phrases, and poetry are particularly interesting. Whatever you choose make sure that the monument reflects the life of the deceased.